Q4 is coming. Are you ready?

Welcome to Alibaba to Amazon, the perfect course for increasing Q4 sales and sales year round. Classes run continuously now!


Top selling products from quality suppliers.


More units at higher prices that you control.


With multiple inventory and revenue streams.

What is Alibaba to Amazon?

The Alibaba to Amazon group is run by Maggie Cuson
Do any of these sound familiar?

  • There are too many other sellers on my products
  • I’m tired other sellers constantly undercutting each other to the point of no profit
  • Other sellers are changing the listings that I list against.
  • I had a manufacturer come in and close their listing so only they could list it.
  • I spend too much time repricing and monitoring the buy box
  • I don’t have many places to find items for retail arbitrage.
  • I want to move on from buying one-off products – I’d like to find something I can replenish.

Then welcome to the world of private labeling.

Alibaba to Amazon is a proven course designed to assist online sellers with developing private label products. When you open your business to private labeling, you remove all of the issues listed above. You have full control over your product and pricing. In Alibaba to Amazon, instructor Andy Slamans will teach you how to expand your Amazon business and increase your sales by sourcing your own products. You’ll learn:

  • How to find a trustworthy supplier
  • How to effectively communicate with your supplier
  • How to decipher Alibaba’s product pages
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • How to get the proper customs bond
  • How to set up an international shipping account
  • How to read a proforma invoice
  • How to promote your product on Amazon
  • How to successfully launch your first product on Amazon
  • And much, much more!
  • Still not sure?  We have a 30 day money-back guarantee!
Alibaba to Amazon is a private labeling course taught by Andy Slamans

Alibaba to Amazon works. Andy Slamans is the proof.

Units Sold

Total Revenue


Increase From Last Year

Alibaba to Amazon v4.0 Runs Continuously Now!

These courses are proven to increase your sales.

And you don’t have to take our word for it: here’s what our customers had to say.

This is the course to get! You will never get a more hands on mentor than Maggie and Andy!

A great course to learn all the in's & out's of how to start your own private label. By Andy & Maggie using their own personal experiences you are able to learn lots of information! The learning to negotiate & purchase from overseas is truly the highlight! :)

Andy and Maggie are the rare breed of great folks, who are driven by a passion to share and teach the treasure trove of knowledge they've acquired from years of experience. They are the Real Deal!

I absolutely would recommend this course to anyone interested in private labeling. Private labeling could be very intimidating but the info, group interaction, personal assistance from Andy and Maggie are extremely helpful and made the process much easier. I would not have even known where to begin without this course. There is a wide range of experience among the group members that adds so much more value than expected. I am skeptical by nature so I was hesitant at first but I am glad I pulled the trigger. Definitely worth it.

Andy and Maggie delivered tremendous value in this course and over delivered way beyond our expectations. We didn't know either of them when we signed up, but we quickly found that their integrity, knowledge and caring about others' success is evident in everything they do. This is one of the most positive and productive groups we've had the pleasure to participate in.

Andy and Maggie are the real deal. They have gone through the process and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty helping us. They get right in the trenches and walk us right through the process.

Registration ends December 31st. Reserve your spot now!








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